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FIMBULVETR - November 26th

We're heading rapidly to Novembulvetr so why not head a long and celebrate the slow, wind-blown death of the year with some dark, down-tempo sounds in our dingy basement!

Fimbulvetr is unique in Scotland, and possibly the rest of the UK, in that we play the very best music from the wide spectrum of ambient, drone, electronica, noise, doom, folk, post-rock and anything that's dark & down-tempo. We're always looking for new music to play so please let us know if you've heard anything exciting or you're making this kind of music yourself.

We will now be based in The Hide, the basement bar of the The Argyle Bar (on Argyle Street, just off the Meadows). Google Map directions can be found here.

You can get a taste of our playlist by downloading this MP3 of a set performed by Fimbulvetr DJs on Fresh Air FM, Edinburgh's University radio station.



01 - Coil - Are You Shivering?
02 - Northaunt - Shadows Over The Barren Land
03 - Deutsch Nepal - Of Parasites And Disguises
04 - Swans - How They Suffer
05 - Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man - Show
06 - Current 93 - The Bloodbells Chime
07 - Sigur Ros - Di Do

Fimbulvetr is FREE to enter. All we ask is that you consider making a donation to help with our expenses. We're also now open from 8pm so you can come along for a few drinks before heading on into the night...
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