Nik Strychnine (nik_strychnine) wrote in edgar_society,
Nik Strychnine

Doctor Möbius's Catacombs Of Curiosity

As the good Doctor had such a response to the unveiling of the Catacombs he has once more thrown the entry to that dark vault open and hereby cordially invites your attendance...

His drinks cabinet has been opened to yet once more suffer the voracious appetite of his honoured guests. Many and varied are the assorted beverages available to slake the thirst although if the one you like changes colour, fizzes and froths please be aware you may have wandered into the Laboratory.

Once more shall the halls echo with the beat of musics both fresh and bygone and upon the dancefloor once more shall the near forgotten steps be re-trod.

9pm-3am at the Banshee Labyrinth, Niddrie Street,...
£3 tax. Discount for EDG&R and GUESS memberships on production of current card.
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