Nik Strychnine (nik_strychnine) wrote in edgar_society,
Nik Strychnine

Doctor Möbius on saturday 3rd July

The doorway to Doctor Möbius's Catacombs Of Curiosity will open once more on Saturday 3rd July...

Playing the best in Proper Goth old and new (but, to be honest, probably a lot more 'old') featuring Trad, Old-school, Bat-Cave and Death-Rock, along with a smattering of Dark Indie and Alternative...

Regular Djs Nik Strychnine and Angus Brainhurts will be joined by guest DJ Nathan ( Fimbulvetr ) visiting from Manchester!

Don't forget about our 'Steampunk Lounge' chill-out area...

Saturday 3rd July, 9pm-3am at the Banshee Labyrith, Niddrie Street.

Entry £3

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