Nik Strychnine (nik_strychnine) wrote in edgar_society,
Nik Strychnine

Welcome to the Catacombs Of Curiosity...

The doorway to Doctor Möbius's Catacombs Of Curiosity will open once more tomorrow night- Saturday 3rd July...

Playing the best in Proper Goth old and new (but, to be honest, probably a lot more 'old') featuring Trad, Old-school, Bat-Cave and Death-Rock, along with a smattering of Dark Indie and Alternative...

Regular Djs Nik Strychnine and Angus Brainhurts will be joined by this month's guest DJ, Nathan Nothing ( Finsternis / Fimbulvetr ) visiting from Manchester!

Don't forget about our 'Steampunk Lounge' chill-out area...

Saturday 3rd July, 9pm-3am at the Banshee Labyrith, Niddrie Street.

Entry £3

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